Another milestone. One more thing sorted.

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I have decided to update my blog for me. I felt awkward blogging when we had finished but have missed it!

Nothing new to report, waiting for iva to drop off at six year mark next month with the defaults. Living still really within similar budgets as in iva. Still not booked holiday as I feel worried that something more important might crop up!


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IR Update, Update

Received email today to say that the removal has been processed but to allow 24 hours for the update. We wait and see…

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IR Update

Just received email from insolvency service saying that they are unable to remove hubby as IVA company say it’s active!

Have emailed them copies of all completion documents so hoping it will be resolved quickly. Need to check status on noddle I think!

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insolvency register blues

Hubby’s still on register 4 months after completing. Have sent several emails but to no avail. I think my next move is to contact Cleardebt for some assistance.

pleasing to see that the pjg transfer to creditfix saga seems to be calming. They have had some impressive closure times.

Life is obviously easier now and we are slowly getting around to all the outstanding repair jobs around the house. I have written previously about how we’d sort a holiday out as top priority but that hasn’t happened. Had a night away last month from groupon for £34 and another this month. Having done without a holiday for years, it seems a waste to book one. I feel like we need one. 5 years on a tight budget isn’t easy, I have much respect for people working for minimum wage who are in that position.

I still look in on the forum daily and post if I think I can contribute, I feel I owe it as a thank you for getting us through our iva!

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cleaning up

Have looked on noddle and insolvency register today.

Hubby’s still on IIR even though it’s been more than three months since completion. Have emailed again and reported the error. Hopefully it will be resolved soon. I have been off for a while.

I have a 1/5 rating and Hubby’s is 2/5 for some reason.

All my debts show as satisfied will nil balances with default dates within a month or so of iva start date.I don’t think it’s worth correcting and then have the notice of corrections to sort out.

Hubby’s the same except for Barclaycard showing a balance but as open not closed. Default date is right so hoping that gets sorted to drop off.

We have been in this situation for 6 years now and it feels like an end is in sight finally.

It’s been a long journey and one that has taught us many lessons.

1. The best things in life are definitely free,talking, walking, fresh air, love.

2. Communication is necessary in a relationship.

3. Extras are not important in life.

4. I love holidays!

Haven’t booked a holiday yet as payment money has bee spent ona 10 year old run around for me and essential repairs to other car and house. I feel that we are both more responsible for money now. I still check my bank balance everyday, and the forum!

I have felt a part of the community of the forum for the six years even though I haven’t always posted. I know it’s a major reason we were able to cope over the years and I hope others are able to get the same advice and comfort from it that I did.

I shall continue checking that the financial clean up after the iva mess is on track!

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valentines value

Still no holiday booked. I feel strange spending money, what happens if something breaks? What if son needs something? The savings account is coming on well though!

Hopefully, from reading the blogs, creditfix are starting to get their act together – you cannot knock their completion turnaround from today’s post.

We need to start looking for some proper savings, something I cannot believe we’d ever say!

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New Year

Seen Andy’s post re updating blog so thought I would.

It seems wrong at this time to say how well things are working out when dozens of members find themselves back in a black place following the PJG transfers.

It’s strange being able to afford to shop normally again. Still shopping at Aldi, reduced items and sale items. I actually begrudge paying full price now. I am still checking the bank regularly and working out what we need to last the month. Have been saving so that’s going well.

I am off the register but hubby is still on. Three months is up shortly so wil follow up then.

I cannot imagine the uncertainty that the pjg transfers are experiencing. There does appear to be some strange things going on all of which appear bizarre. No savings?? I thought that savings were to be encouraged in an iva to help it along. Something came along almost every other month, do they expect people to take payment breaks?

A lack of forum presence leaves everything open to misinterpretation and misunderstanding which is not good. I feel bad as I have often suggested people phone Mel as she was always so helpful on the forum. I am sure she had good reasons for transferring her clients but I cannot see the same standards of care as yet from creditfix. It’s hopeless as there’s nothing that can be done.

I do like the forum and keep looking even though I am completed. I loved reading the blogs and those that had finished that gave me hope! There is an end and a life post iva. We are looking at holidays at the moment and would love to book. It’s six years since we went away abroad, I need some sun!

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Debt Free!

I am officially certified debt free!

I cannot believe it. 29 days after my final payment I have received the certificate. It’s so overwhelming, I need to calm down!

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Please please Mr Postman

Had an email today from Bella at Cleardebt. My completion documents will be out soon and I cannot wait.

Gradually getting used to being able to cope financially. Still check bank statements daily. Using saving stamps at shopping that we purchased throughout the year. I wasn’t sure in January that we would be paid up, still doesn’t seem real to be honest. Had a discussion about buying jeans the other night. Still had cheap pair even though we have the money. I think that until I have my completion certificate too that I will not fully relax.

It’s great to plan but the house needs so many jobs doing it’s where to start that’s the problem! Five years with little maintenance isn’t good and most of what was done was DIY! Windows are high on the list and new patio doors for spring.

Christmas looms large now and I cannot wait. 5 frugal Christmas Days is hard, especially ehen you have a child. I will still settle for a completion certificate though!

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